Computer Repair


  • We offer New Desktops, Used Desktops and Upgrades to all desktop PC’s.

    • Custom Built Desktops
    • Dell Desktops
    • Memory Replacement/Upgrade
    • HDD Replacement/Upgrade
    • Motherboard Replacement/Upgrade
    • DVD & Blu-Ray Players & Burners

    We do offer upgrades for some MAC based desktops & laptops.

    • Memory Replacement/Upgrade
    • HDD Replacement/Upgrade

    We can pick up your computer, do the repair and bring your computer back to you.

  • We offer several repairs specific to laptops.

    • LCD/LED Screen Replacement. **$65.00** (Plus Screen Cost)
    • DC Power Jack Replacement. **$75.00** (Plus Price of Jack)
    • AC Power Adapters:  We only sell Manufacture branded adapters for any laptop. Starting at $24.95 and up.
    • Motherboard Replacement. **$65.00** (Plus Motherboard Cost)

    We also sell New Dell laptops and Used laptops.



  • We know how hard it is to take a day off work or get off work early to deal with your computer issues and what a huge hassle it is to disconnect all those wires and lug your computer to the repair shop.
    For Businesses we know it can sometimes be impossible to leave your office to get your computer fixed. Your customers are not going to stop calling or coming in for your services just because your computer isn’t working!
    Don’t worry! As long as you have an internet connection we can remotely connect to your computer and solve the issues you are having without you even having to leave your Business.
    Call us 864-359-2065 to schedule an appointment.